Shareholder Information

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2013-01-18 12:49:04
The current shareholders of NMB are: 1. Co?peratieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank B.A “Rabobank Nederland” Rabobank 34.9% 2. Treasury Registrar (Government of Tanzania) 31.8% 3. Stand

History of NMB

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In 1997, the National Microfinance Bank Limited Incorporation Act established the NMB. In practice, this meant that NMB only provided payment services, savings accounts etc., and no or limited borrow

Proverb of the Day

Fimbo ya mbali hayiuwi nyoka.

Statistic of the Day

Tanzaina is the 32nd in the world for being least literate with 69.4% of adult literacy rate.


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