Sido centre in Iringa simplifies combined groundnut sheller

access_time 02-07-2015 IPPMEDIA

EU launches 4 MW Mwenga hydro electric power project in Iringa Region

access_time 23-06-2015 IPPMEDIA

Iringa , Njombe to have 90 , 000 new Luku customers soon .

access_time 16-04-2015 IPPMEDIA

Iringa Municipality clears Puma over Ruaha River petrol station project .

access_time 15-04-2015 IPPMEDIA

Surf networks to find markets , Iringa DC advises local farmers

access_time 22-12-2014 IPPMEDIA

Entrepreneurs in Iringa Region encouraged to participate in ' Wezeshwa na Safari Lager '

access_time 02-12-2014 IPPMEDIA

' Lumbesa ' denying Iringa , Njombe farmers 14bn - every year , says TCCIA

access_time 26-11-2014 IPPMEDIA

Tax collections up in Iringa

access_time 24-11-2014 IPPMEDIA
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Mzazi haachi ujusi.

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Tanzaina is the 32nd in the world for being least literate with 69.4% of adult literacy rate.


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