Marketing Representative

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We are looking for people to promote our website to companies in all regions of Tanzania. The job is

End Date: 03-12-2012

2012-03-06 10:37:35
Saahiihii Customer Service Manager - Rasa Virketyte 2012

Saahiihii Customer Service Manager - Rasa Virketyte

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For Companies/Institutions /Events

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We encourage submitting and updating correct and reliable information about your company. This will help you to get potential customer or audience. Reviews or critic should be seen as positive or a possibility of communication between you and the customer. Intentionally damaging or false information on your company will be removed from the site. You can always contact site administration if you feel that your company is misrepresented and ask for removal of the content. The enquiry will be ev

For private use.

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Provided information on the site is public to everyone’s use and interpretation. You are encouraged to submit/update correct and reliable information about the company/institution/event and comment free of defamatory, false or intentionally misleading substance. The reliable users will be acknowledged as credible users of the site and will be encouraged to become administrators of certain content of the site. If the user is intentionally providing damaging, false or defamatory information,

What are we about?

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We provide information on the site which is public to everyones use and interpretation. Encourage both companies and private individuals to supply information about oneself or others in order to increase public awareness and promote businesses, institutions or events.
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Maji ukiyavuliya nguo huna budi kuyaogelea.

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Tanzania is the 26th in the world for the lowest life expectancy of 52.5 between 2005-10.


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