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Mizani 600 ya pamba yakaguliwa Shinyanga

Mizani 600 ya pamba yakaguliwa Shinyanga

access_time 24-04-2018 MWANANCHI

Shinyanga DC calls for more desks contribution

access_time 13-07-2016 DAILYNEWS

Shinyanga council to raise 37 . 7bn -

access_time 07-03-2016 DAILYNEWS

Riba za benki zawatesa wajasiriamali Shinyanga

access_time 06-02-2016 MWANANCHI

Shinyanga RC urges SMEs to use opportunities found in mining firms

access_time 26-06-2015 IPPMEDIA
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Tanzania is the 18th in the world for highest growth in industrial output of 9.7% of average annual real growth between 2000-2005.


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