Latest Community news 77

Geita , Shinyanga hit 70pc birth registration

access_time 25-04-2017 DAILYNEWS
Punda waadimika Shinyanga

Punda waadimika Shinyanga

access_time 18-04-2017 HABARILEO

Shinyanga invites ' serious investors '

access_time 18-04-2017 DAILYNEWS

' Ole wenu msio leseni Shinyanga '

access_time 30-03-2017 MWANANCHI

Shinyanga DC denounces NGOs secret operations

access_time 27-02-2017 DAILYNEWS
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Latest Sports and Recreation news 9

Shinyanga seeks funds for basketball tourney

access_time 25-04-2016 DAILYNEWS

Shinyanga basketball body outlines priorities

access_time 04-02-2016 DAILYNEWS

Profile thrash Shinyanga in friendly

access_time 02-04-2015 DAILYNEWS

Kagera Sugar shift to Shinyanga

access_time 30-01-2015 DAILYNEWS
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