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Mbeya wafungua soko la pili la madini

access_time 06-05-2019 MWANANCHI

Mbolea tani 97 , 000 zahitajika Mbeya

access_time 26-04-2019 MWANANCHI

Kibo to raise 2 . 4bn - for Mbeya power project

access_time 01-03-2018 DAILYNEWS

MoU for Mbeya coal - to - power project signed

access_time 27-02-2018 DAILYNEWS
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Nta Si asali; nalikuwa nazo Si uchunga.

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Tanzania is the 18th in the world for highest growth in industrial output of 9.7% of average annual real growth between 2000-2005.


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